Lara Karadoğan

Based in Providence, RI until she moves to NYC in 2023. Graduating from the Brown | RISD dual degree program, with a BFA in Painting from RISD & AB in Modern Culture & Media from Brown.



Tile relief paintings that test the accessibility of images across carved clay surfaces. I sync histories of Islamic tiling and language translation tablets onto clay networks. Fluorescent gradients run under painted landscapes, charging the circulation of images. Tracking moments of overlap between my Turkish, Spanish, and English languages, I seek the shared shape of a word. The oversaturation of recognizable symbols form patterns that span across paintings, lifting into an infrastructure of varying visual speeds. Each tile is the anticipated shadow of a future output.

Image hierarchies come from a database I invented with a formula that inputs any combination of letters, such as “and,” to generate words that contain that base-pair in Turkish, Spanish, and English. Each base-pair is the connective tissue, the symbolic vessel that closes the perceived distance between images. Random and vague images are inherently encoded together through a thread of sincerity. This romantic linkage is the act of an image accepting its surface.

Argument for unlinked objects with opposing histories to share space. Beyond the seduction of looking, the tiles whisper introductions to one another, rotating around their shared origins. The painted image and its carved counterpart meet each other at different speeds, demanding a slowness in looking.

Oil on clay relief